Mission Statement

The Origin Project (“TOP”) seeks to inspire young people to release their inner voices through the art of writing about their unique origins; when we connect to the stories of our past, we are able to build our dreams for the future. TOP is an in-school writing program sprouted from the idea that the stories and people of Appalachia are national treasures and its children should celebrate their roots. Founded in 2012 by bestselling author Adriana Trigiani and educational advocate Nancy Bolmeier Fisher, TOP develops and encourages the skills of writing and other artistic selfexpression to support the students in Southwest Virginia and beyond in their academic and professional endeavours.

TOP serves a diverse group of young people that includes disadvantaged students: foster children, low income and underserved populations, and children with learning differences. It is a community of engaged learners rejoicing in their heritages. TOP galvanizes the students’ curiosity about, and respect for, each other.